Vacant Property Map Instructions

The detailed instructions on how to use the map are below. To skip straight to the map Click Here.

North Broadway Neighborhood
City of Newburgh Vacant Property Map

Search Boxes

Map Controls
The Search Boxes

The maps on this site utilize Google Fusion Tables to create a searchable dataset of vacant properties in the City of Newburgh, NY. The map will identify properties based on the parameters of the user. To use the map, use the controls at the left side of the page.

The Search for Address field will put a blue pin in the map on or near the address you searched for.

The Search for SBL field allows you to search for a property by the "Section, Block and Lot number. You can use a partial number for your search so that searching for "30-1" would render a map showing all properties in section 30, block 1.

Parameter Sliders

North Broadway Neighborhood
Adjust Search Parameters by Moving the Sliders

The next section of parameters are set using sliders. The sliders will assign the maximum and minimum values to search for. For instance, if you wanted to search for properties with an assessed value between $30,500 and $75,500, you would slide the slider on the left up to 30500, and the slider on the right down to 75500.

All of the sliders can be used simultaneously to search for properties using multiple parameters. The available parameters are: the 2013 Total Assessed Value of the property,

Map Overlays

North Broadway Neighborhood
Select the Checkboxes to Display Overlays on the Maps

The final map control section are the checkboxes to toggle the image overlays on and off. Some of them may take several seconds to load, particularly the zoning toggle as it contains a lot of data.

The toggles available are:
Parks and Open Spaces: These are parks or open space withing the city.

Historic District: Because of it's role in the American Revolutionary War, and rich history since, the City of Newburgh is home to the second historic district in New York state.

Zoning: This checkbox will overlay a zoning map of the city on the city or neighborhood map.

Waterfront Development Area: The Waterfront Redevelopment Area is another revitalization effort underway in the city.

Newburgh-Beacon Ferry: This checkbox will display the location of the ferry landing. Clicking on the ferry icon will display the ferry schedule and a link to the ferry web site.

The Bus Routes: These 4 checkboxes will display the Newburgh and surrounding area's portion of the various bus routes which serve the City of Newburgh. The routes themselves are indicated by a solid line while the bus stops' locations are represented by an icon of a bus. Clicking on any bus stop icon will pull up the route schedule for that particular route, as well as a link to the website of service provider.

Thank you for taking the time to look through the instructions for the map.

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