Vacant Property Revitalization

This reuse plan was prepared for the New York State Department of State with funds provided under Title 3 of the Environmental Protection Fund, through a grant provided by Orange County.

North Broadway Neighborhood

The City of Newburgh has faced many challenges as a former industrial city. One of its most significant is the existence of many vacant buildings and properties located throughout the City. Their existence has led to property value diminution in a number of neighborhoods and likely caused other related problems such as crime. Yet, the City is engaged in a comprehensive effort to stem the economic decline it has experienced and is entering into an exciting phase of rebirth.

As a component of this regrowth, the City is working diligently towards remedying these vacant buildings and properties by implementing the City of Newburgh Vacant Property Revitalization Program. Working in partnership with the Newburgh Community Land Bank (NCLB) and the City’s residents, this program seeks to identify vacant and dilapidated parcels throughout the City and then target specific areas of parcels for reuse or redevelopment through various strategies. The first phase of the program consists of this website, which conveys information on vacant parcels within the City limits and relevant data about those parcels, and the Newburgh Vacant Property Reuse Plan.

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